Cryptocurrency Wallets: Jaxx Liberty Review

The growth of cryptocurrency operations has led to the need for reliable crypto wallets. One of the most requested offerings is the Jaxx Liberty e-wallet. This blockchain wallet stores and manages cryptocurrency, and was first introduced in 2016 by Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum.

Since its launch, the Jaxx multi-currency wallet has steadily increased the number of supported cryptocurrencies. Initially, it supported over 36 coins, but as of April 2018, it supports 62 cryptocurrencies. Currently, the Jaxx Wallet offers access to over 90 cryptocurrencies. It available on any web platform.

Jaxx has backup and recovery features - Jaxx Liberty restore wallet. In case of loss of access to your media or a malfunction, you can restore the data. To create a backup file, on the «Security» tab, under the «Menu» button, select «Back Up Wallet» item. Set a password. You should also encrypt the finished file. Save the file to any cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox or etc.) or an external drive.

To restore the wallet, in the «Menu» go to the item «Restore Wallet», select the file and enter the password. Bear in mind that the act of restoring your wallet will substitute your present wallet, and any dealings executed after the creation of the backup will not be preserved. It's recommended to make backups more frequently, especially after important transactions, to ensure the safety and accessibility of your funds. When restoring your wallet, it is crucial to make sure that you have the correct backup file and that you follow the instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of your funds. Always prioritize the safety and security of your digital assets to avoid any potential losses.

Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet


This wallet is one of the safest in the world and has a number of advantages:

  • It does not store your passwords and logins on its servers, which ensures a high degree of protection and confidentiality of user data. It also has many built-in features and options that make it user-friendly and useful;
  • It has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand even for a beginner;
  • Has a high degree of protection, which is ensured by using the most modern technologies;
  • Provides protection against unauthorized access to your funds;
  • Supports work with various currencies, as well as with any electronic payment systems;
  • Jaxx is constantly being updated and improved, thanks in part to user feedback;
  • The wallet does not require installation and can run on any computer.

Jaxx wallet is secure and protects against malware that can disrupt the wallet's functionality. However, it stopped working on March 27, 2022, but the online version is still available, and the virtual wallet functions normally. The wallet currently supports several dozen cryptocurrencies and various payment systems. It also allows users to store and exchange bitcoins, which is a crucial feature.

Wallet allows users to securely pay for goods and services online, as well as receive and send money using a mobile phone without leaving home. Among other things, Jaxx will allow you to pay for purchases in stores connected to the system and make money transfers.

Furthermore, Jaxx offers access to a variety of online services such as booking hotels, purchasing tickets, renting cars and homes, connecting to the internet, paying bills, buying transportation tickets, checking weather information, ordering taxis, and many more. Payment options include credit card, SMS, mobile phone, or any preferred payment system.